Rent the Keiser Functional Trainer Today!

(Business to Business only)

Keiser Functional Trainer Rental

Rent the Keiser Functional Trainer

The versatile, adaptable, inclusive and desirable Keiser Functional Trainer is now available to Rent in the UK! Equip yourself now with;

  • Low monthly fixed costs
  • No lengthy credit check
  • Easy to set up
  • Decisions won’t effect credit score
  • Everything you need to get going
  • 4 year warranty included

In association with Rent Gym Equipment Ltd.

Easily equip yourself with one of the most versatile, desirable and best loved training tools on the market.

Now at an affordable monthly rental price!

Rent a Keiser functional trainer for as little as £215 + VAT per month.*

*Terms and conditions apply.

Bolt down version

Bolt down version

£215 + VAT per month*
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Free Standing version

Free Standing version

£252 + VAT per month*
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Price includes these accessories…



3' Chop Bar

3' Chop Bar

Ankle Strap

Ankle Strap

Thigh Strap

Thigh Strap

Waist Belt

Waist Belt

Back Lat Strap

Back Lat Strap

Why Rent?



With no lengthy credit checks

After a quick assessment of suitability, Rent Gym Equipment will assist in the rental set up

The prices shown above are for the recommended 48 fixed monthly payments (In association with Rent Gym Equipment)

The fully kitted out Keiser Functional Trainer is now completely affordable!



4 year parts and labour warranty delivered by Keiser UK

Your Functional Trainer rental includes a comprehensive repairs and parts replacements policy for 4 years

The accessories and wear parts are covered with a 1 year warranty

Complete peace of mind that your equipment will be fully functional and ready

leisure-score-customer-iconSPEEDY SET UP

Low maintenance paperwork and easy to install

The decision to rent to you will be made quickly by Rent Gym Equipment through their easy to use paperwork 

Provided stock and labour demand is permitting, we could have your Keiser Functional Trainer fitted in under a week from decision!


No consultation charges

We can help you assess what option is right for you free of charge

Bolt down requires at least 100mm of concrete (not all screed) and no cables or other under-surface risks

Can’t do that? Then the Free Stand option is for you

Other than that all you need is a power socket and some space (recommended min 3m x 4m)

Rent a Keiser Functional Trainer – for good reason!

We believe the Keiser Functional Trainer should be made more accessible to all – the more people we (as an industry) can get using it, the stronger and more powerful we (as a population) will become. Creating the rental model for the Keiser Functional trainer will help to make that happen.

The Keiser Functional Trainer is truly one of the most loved and greatly desired pieces of training equipment on the planet. Used by top athletes and teams across the world, the Keiser Functional Trainer is one of the worlds most highly accredited pieces of training equipment. Just take a look at the Keiser Instagram page to see just a small selection of trainers sharing videos of its use. There are literally hundreds of different exercises to train with – you’re limited only by your own imagination.

Don’t just take our word for it….

Affordable = Accessible

The Kieser Functional Trainer is loved by countless coaches, personal trainers, aspiring athletes, gym owners, elite athletes and customers alike. As resistance goes from zero, it accommodates virtually everyone. We have removed the biggest barrier to its’ ownership; the price. The Keiser Functional Trainer is beautifully designed, extraordinarily effective, incredibly versatile, safe to use and virtually indestructible – so yes it’s always came at a justifiably higher price.

Our agreement with Rent Gym Equipment Ltd. has removed that price barrier. 

With low monthly costs and no credit checks to set up,  renting a Keiser Functional Trainer has never been easier – in fact its never even been possible before now! It’s time to take advantage of it.

Call Stuart on 07412602606 or click any of the Enquire Now buttons and we will be in touch to get the ball rolling…

*Terms and conditions

  • All rentals are agreed and supplied through Rent Gym Equipment Ltd. 
  • Rentals are for commercial (business to business) only. Personal rentals do not apply.
  • Rental prices shown are for 48 monthly fixed payments and exclude VAT
  • Agreements are subject to status and credit approval
  • Equipment location survey may be necessary 
  • See wear items description and other terms here
  • 4 year warranty cover by Rent Gym Equipment supplied and delivered by Keiser UK
  • Approved Keiser engineers must install equipment to validate warranty
  • Prices do not include delivery and installation, which will be quoted separately
  • Lead times can vary for 1 -16 weeks depending on stock and stock cycle
  • Available in the UK only
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