Why Rent Fitness Equipment?

 Low monthly fixed costs

No lengthy credit check

Easy to set up

Decisions won’t effect credit score

4 year warranty included

In association with Rent Gym Equipment Ltd.

Renting your Fitness Equipment has never been easier

Power up your functional fitness training areas with premium, results focused, engaging, dependable fitness equipment

at affordable monthly rental costs!*

*On select equipment

*Terms and conditions apply

Why Rent?



With no lengthy credit checks

After a quick assessment of suitability, Rent Gym Equipment will assist in the rental set up

The prices shown above are for the recommended 48 fixed monthly payments (In association with Rent Gym Equipment)

The equipment for the most desirable section of your gym is now completely affordable!



4 year parts and labour warranty (ex wear items)

When you rent fitness equipment, you recieve a comprehensive repairs and parts replacements policy for 4 years

The accessories and wear parts are covered with a 6 month warranty

Complete peace of mind that your equipment will be fully functional and ready for business

leisure-score-customer-iconSPEEDY SET UP

Low maintenance paperwork and easy to install

The decision to rent to you will be made quickly by Rent Gym Equipment through their easy to use paperwork 

Provided stock and labour demand is permitting, we could have your new rented fitness training equipment installed in weeks!


No consultation charges

We can help you design your zone in your facility FOC

We will consult free of charge

Your gym space will be optimised for more revenue and retention



    We supply the equipment that gives you the edge over the competition.

    Our ‘choice’ selection of kit makes your functional fitness training areas, extraordinary. 

    Our monthly rental prices allow access to some of the most desirable, premium and effective equipment in the market, with no lengthy credit checks.


    Once we’ve ageged your spec and then delivery costs, the rental prices include everything you need to get going.

    Each of the Keiser monthly rental prices below includes a compressor (the Functional Trainer prices include their accessory pack too.) However, you don’t need one compressor per machine! If you already have a compressor or you’re looking for more than one piece of Keiser in your facility, then we can save you money. Just let us know what your seeking to achieve and we will specify your compressor requirements and provide you with a quote that’s best for you. We will work hard to get your monthly rental price down!

    All rental equipment comes with an annual service and a 4 year parts and labour warranty (ex wear parts).


    Synergy AIR use air to provide resistance. The force applied spins a weighted turbine that creates resistance forces that push back as you push on. This means you can ramp up resistance by simply going harder and faster. Unlike any other equipment out there, our synergyAIR rental equipment comes with CVT (Controlled Variable Transmission) that allows you to turn on the resistance at any pace. A TRUE HIT experience that your members are craving for. 

    Keiser uses pneumatics (NOT to be confused with hydraulics) powered by air compression. This genius allows for 5 different kinds of training such as power, training at speed, heavy negative training, strength and conditioning and HIT. Coaches, premier teams, athletes, PT’s and fitness facilities across the world use Keiser because it delivers results. 

    It will for you too

  • Our section of fitness equipment for distribution is based on quality, service and their potential to deliver the best results in both business and in fitness.

    The equipment we supply for your functional, HIT and studio training areas can increase business potential for that area. They do this by:

    • adding value to customer interest
    • increasing staff to member communication
    • inspiring members from results
    • increasing retention
    • being fundamentally more engaging

    Equip your gym easily by renting the equipment that completes the fitness  zone that today’s market raves about to their real life friends and their digital friends, (you never hear members say how much they love the ‘Treadmill zone’ do you?)

    Our agreement with Rent Gym Equipment Ltd. can allow you to own this kit at low monthly rental costs – that include a 4 year parts and labour warranty (ex wear items.)

    Renting Fitness Equipment = Affordable = Accessible

    We have removed the biggest barrier to its’ ownership; the price. We select equipment that is beautifully designed, extraordinarily effective, incredibly versatile, safe to use and virtually indestructible. So renting it just makes sense. The 4 year parts and labour warranty (ex wear items) gives peace of mind that your rented fitness equipment will last for the duration.

    Our agreement with Rent Gym Equipment Ltd. has removed that price barrier.

    With low monthly costs and no credit checks to set up,  renting a your fitness equipment for that special fitness area in your gym has never been easier.

    It’s time to take advantage of it.

    Call Stuart on 07412602606 or click any of the Enquire Now buttons and we will be in touch to get the ball rolling…

*Terms and conditions

  • All rentals are agreed and supplied through Rent Gym Equipment Ltd. 
  • Rental prices shown are for 48 monthly fixed payments and exclude VAT
  • Agreements are subject to status and credit approval
  • Equipment location survey may be necessary 
  • See wear items description and other terms here
  • 4 year warranty cover by Rent Gym Equipment supplied and delivered by Keiser UK
  • Approved Keiser engineers must install equipment to validate warranty
  • Prices do not include delivery and installation, which will be quoted separately
  • Lead times can vary for 1 -16 weeks depending on stock and stock cycle
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