“This system has saved us time, money and given us assurance that we are doing our inspections at the right time and with the right questions being asked, everyday.

– Robert Hammond, Operations Manager, East Renfreshire Culture and Leisure


Leisureshield helps you get inspections done right every time


Leisure Equipment and Environment
Inspections Consistently Done Right
Fast Fault Management and Fixing
Real Time Performance Reporting

Leisureshield will provide a consistent, scheduled, measured and accurate approach to equipment and environmental check in any leisure or fitness facility

Fully scaleable from single site to multiple site institutions

Comes with pre-built equipment and questions database to pull from

Bespoke installations covering all equipment such as health and safety, legionella, pool water analysis, plant rooms, fitness equipment, brand standards, and much more.

Faults are managed through to their fix

Full email alert system on both inspections an rectifications

Real time reporting and site specific dashboards

Equipment Inspections

Equipment and Environmental Inspections
Manage, schedule and report on all your equipment and building inspections using the hand held device. Inspections cover equipment groups like Health and Safety, Pool Water Analysis, Legionella and 17 others. …

Equipment and Environmental Inspections
Manage, schedule and report on all your equipment and building inspections using the hand held device. Inspections cover equipment groups like Health and Safety, Pool Water Analysis, Legionella and 17 others. …

Instant Email Alerts
Leisureshield is built around the physical nature of your buildings and staff. When an inspection fails and the hand held is synchronised, the right staff find out about it instantly through the email alerts system.    

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Easy to Access Reports & Configurable Dashboards
Fully configurable dashboards give real time information on performance expectations that are important to your business. They report real-time in easy to read Red, Amber and Green (RAG) displays. The digital filing cabinet provides lightning fast inspections reports saving time and money.

Leisure Audits 

QLM Leisuresafe
QLM Ltd are the foremost authority in Health & Safety for Leisure. Leisureshield comes with the highly acclaimed QLM LeisuresafeTM audit for self analysis, bringing their expertise to the core of your business.

QLM Viewpoint – Customer Service Excellence
Viewpoint Customer Service Excellence assesses your business on core principles that improve customers experience. It has been written by QLM using the European Foundation for Quality Management model.  

Customised Audits and Checklists
Additional to the QLM’s Audits, Leisureshield allows you to create your own audits, allowing immediate access to every site. On-line checklists can also be created, allowing operational criteria to be captured day by day.

Audit Reporting
Why perform an audit? To assess and improve! Every less-than perfect answer must have an improvement action input. Audit reports containing the improvement plan can be exported at any time in 4 formats.

Fault Rectifications

Fault Rectifications
Leisureshield allows you to both identify faults and forward manage their rectification. All the information captured (including photographs) is included in detailed reports and additionally, attached to fault email alerts.  

Rectifications Dasboard and Fault List
It’s all in one digital place. Every fault that occurs appears automatically in the self populating Rectifications Dashboard. This allows management complete visibility and control of their daily and historical rectifications, all in one place.

Pool Water Analysis and Reports

Pool Water Analysis and Reporting
Its all in one digital place…. All pool water data goesn i to the system in a scheduled and timely manner. The Daily Pool Dashboard automatically shows real time information on the state of the pool water as the day progresses. It presents in a table and plots 7 different graphs to display trends in an easy to read manner.

Site Pool Testing Report
Its all in one digital place…. The automated Pool Water Report is designed to give real time reports on pool water testing per question per site over a definable date range. It is designed to save hours of management time on reporting every month.

System Support

Integrated HELP system and human to human support
Need help? Leisureshield is incredibly wasy to use once its all set up. However if you stuck, help is just a click away. The interactive help centre i linked to every page and every sub page. Whats more, the technical support team are here to advise via the automated ticketing system or the telephones.

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