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"The easiest and most effective customer surveys we have ever done"

- Colin Glencourse, Operations Manager, North Ayrshire Leisure

T10 Leisureshield KA North Ayreshire


 Want to know how good you really are?

Find out with Leisurescore...


*Enjoy full access to unlimited sites and unlimited surveys for 30 days. 

Leisurescore is an advanced customer survey system that uses Net Promoter Score* tied in with some clever realtime analytics to provide actionable customer insights that can transform and improve your business.

Stop guessing what your customers think!
Listen to your customers voice and make educated decisions on service improvements.
Find out what you don't know and make positive changes to service delivery - site by site, service by service.

Leisurescore Benefits



Simple to set up and to use

Ask your customers for one score and answer one question. That's it.

The system features an easy, clean interface that works on any connected device and is super fast at data analysis.



Easily identify performance trends and track them over time

Create and analyse keywords and phrases that are important to you.

Quickly and easily see how your performance is changing over time.



It's what you don't know that can hurt your business.

Leisurescore allows you to find out the real issues through your customers eyes

It will improve customer satisfaction over time by showing you the big issues so that you can fix them



Stop spending money on the irrelevant

Leisurescore's will automatically tell you your best and worst performing areas, and where to spend your budget to make the biggest improvements

It will create and track your NPS score per site, per service and even per keyword.

Leisurescore Features

  • Make educated decisions on service improvements across the board
  • Customer comments with a score (Net Promoter Score®)
  • Real time analytics
  • Simple to set up
  • Simple to survey
  • Simple to analyse 
  • Measure what your customers think about your service delivery quickly and easily
  • It will tell you where you do well
  • It will tell you where you need to improve
  • It will compare across every aspect of your service and in every leisure centre you have
  • It will compare your performance against national performance (anonymous benchmarking with other customers that use Leisurescore) - (coming soon)
  • Give directors site to site comparison
  • Give managers customer led insight
  • Track changes over time
  • Know exactly where to priorities your spending in order to maximise revenues through customer satisfaction


*Remember you can enjoy full access to unlimited sites and unlimited surveys for 30 days.

If you want to download the info pack, click here

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