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HIT Bionic Cycle

Synergy Fitness pedigree extends back to 1976 and are currently one of the largest fitness equipment suppliers in Australia. Now, and with significant ambition, they are distributing globally in partnership with Reiver Fitness. RTL is honoured to be part of this partnership and is working closely with Reiver on the project.

Their AIR range of products are hitting the UK shores imminently, with stock of the HIT Bionic Bike and the and the HIT Cycle Erg already here and ready to be delivered to your fitness facility now. 

We welcome your expressions of interest if you would like to find out more. Just follow any of the links and we will get back to you…

synergyAIR Power Tower

Give your customers what they want – something different, engaging, versatile and something that works hard for them.

Simply put, the SynergyAIR Power Tower is the most versatile climbing machine ever built. With its patented Controlled Variable Transmission the air aesistance allows you to ramp up power and watts on a whim. The user experience is incredible. It’s small footprint (comparable with a recumbent bike) low maintenance, no external power and a 25 year frame warranty, make the Power Tower a ‘must have’ in any fitness facility.

  • Patented integrated continuous variable transmission
  • Potential power range of up to one million watts at 150 step cycles per minute
  • Automatic range of movement variability up to 65cm
  • Multiple operational modes
    • Total body climbing
    • Lower body climbing
    • Upper body hang pull and push press
    • Upper body reciprocal hang pull and push press
    • Lower body reciprocal chest press and row
    • Deadlift and pushdown

synergyAIR Power Climber

With its huge range of variable motion (up to 70cms), the Power Climber can adapt to nearly any user at any fitness level. The modern design and plane of motion can simulate a sled drive with high resistance and load or HIT exercise with shorter bursts of power and watts.  

  • Patented integrated continuous variable transmission
  • Potential power range of up to one million watts at 150 step cycles per minute!
  • Automatic, variable range of motion up to 70cm
  • Modern climbing motion and operational modes
    • Sled style
    • Simulated mountain climbers with resistance
    • Strength training with upper body anchoring
    • Speed and high load sprints
    • Multiple hand positions 
    • Optimal drive position

Gym Sled Machine
Synergy Air Fitness

synergyAIR Bionic Power Cycle

This is the real deal. The Bionic Power Cycle is built to last and to endure the toughest training environments. The solid frame needs to be rugged to be able to handle the power from the turbine – a turbine with a range of 5 watts at 20 rpm to a whopping 44000 watts at 150 rpm. However, the total body cycling motion makes it versatile enough to engage anybody at any fitness level.   

  • Patented integrated continuous variable transmission
  • Power range of 5 watts at 20 rpm to 44000 watts at 150 rpm
  • Modern, robust and built to last the pace
  • Training variety
    • Total body cycling with arms and leg motion
    • Lower body cycling 
    • Upper body chest press and row
    • Convenient mobile device holder

synergyAIR Power Cycle

The Power Cycle is unique, accurate and has an incredible smooth feel. SynergyAIR’s Power Cycle was borne from the desire for accurate wattage outputs and durability at the highest level. It measures power from two separate reading locations around the turbine and has durability at its core. It removes the upper body action allowing for the cycling enthusiast to get in to their favourite position.  It can be inclusive too with its independent crank mode feature. A simple adjustment at the crank allows for single leg operation. This feature can also allow for cycling enthusiasts to discover imbalances and then corrections in the pedal stroke. 

  • Patented integrated continuous variable transmission
  • Weighted air displacement turbine with gearing ratio of 1:6 to 1:24
  • Power range of 14 watts at 20 rpm to an incredible 50,000 watts @ 150 rpm
  • Independent crank mode (more inclusive bike)
  • Convenient mobile device holder 

SynergyAIR HIT Bike UK

synergyAIR Bionic Bike

‘Mediocre’ isn’t a word that fell into the vocabulary of the engineers over the years put in to the development process if the HIT Bionic Cycle. It is durable, unique, has a smooth feel and delivers plenty of on demand HIT power. Perfect for every environment but designed for and tested in the toughest Crossfit type facilities in Australia. We are highly confident you will not find a similar better product at the price. 

  • Weighted air displacement turbine with gearing ratio of 1:17
  • 4350 watts @ 150 rpm
  • Ultra smooth and quiet belt drive
  • Multiple operational modes, including:
    • Total body arm/leg cycling
    • Lower body cycling
    • Upper body chest press and row action

synergyAIR HIT Cycle Erg

Adopting much of its strength from components from the Bionic Cycle, the Cycle Ergometer in not to be trifled with. It’s excellent feel comes its belt driven drive-train, weighted turbine and gearing ration of 1:13. The HIT Cycle Erg by Synergy is incredibly smooth, quiet and delivers on demand power and resistance at the whim of the user. Perfect for both HIT fitness training and long endurance rides in the saddle. We believe you cannot find a better value fitness bike for the gym anywhere.

  • Weighted air displacement turbine with gearing ratio of 1:13
  • 2370 watts @ 150 rpm
  • Between 150 watts at 60rpm and 330 watts at 80rpm.
  • Ultra smooth and quiet belt drive


Swimming Strength Training machine UK

synergyAIR Power Swim

The Synergy Air Power Swim is the ultimate training tool for every swimmer who want to improve swimming strength and stroke techniques on dry land in between their water sessions. Its the perfect swim coach tool too. There is no other air driven piece of fitness equipment where you can train these aerobic/muscle endurance exercises being as close to the real thing. If you are into paddle-boarding, it’s perfect for that too.

  • Patented integrated continuous variable transmission
  • Swimming and Board Paddling exercise options
  • Excellent technique training
  • Targeted swim specific muscle conditioning 
  • Dry land;
    • Endurance training
    • Coaching opportunities
    • Strength and conditioning
    • Technique analysis
    • Drills training
    • Paddle board training


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