synergy air power climber uk
Synergyair Power Tower uk



The climber with a powerful difference

SynergyAIR Power climber UK

SynergyAIR Power Climber

Air resistance. Yes, it’s been around a while in fitness arenas, but it’s never been used like this before. The SynergyAIR Power Climber is the only climber to use variable air resistance making it smooth, plush and very versatile. Members can go as hard and fast as they want while increasing or decreasing their efforts on a whim. 

  • Air resistance – Perfect for HIT, HIIT, circuits, cardio and strength training
  • Power up or down on a whim, and with one easy adjustment
  • Patented integrated continuous variable transmission
  • Potential power range of up to one million watts at 150 step cycles per minute
  • Automatic, variable range of motion up to 70cm
  • Beautiful design
  • Modern climbing motion and operational modes
    • Sled style
    • Simulated mountain climbers with resistance
    • Strength training with upper body anchoring
    • Speed and high load sprints
    • Multiple hand positions 
    • Optimal drive position

synergy air uk Power Climber

Powerful Turbine

Continuous variable transmission delivered through the extremely strong turbine capable of handling one million watts at 150 step cycles per minute.

Synergyair power climber uk

Long Stride Length

It’s huge, adaptable stride length allows users to push as hard as the like for as long as they like. It will go from 0 to 70 cm, just by thinking about it. 


The Power Climber’s small footprint, no external wall power requirements and large, strong wheels to make it more mobile in your facility. Perfect for Cossfit or circuit classes for example.

power climber synergy UK
  • Sled style
  • Simulated mountain climbers with resistance
  • Strength training with upper body anchoring
  • Speed and high load sprints
  • Multiple hand positions 
  • Optimal drive position
synergyair Climber UK
synergy air power tower warranty for frame

[themify_icon icon=”fa-heart-o” link=”http://”]25 year warranty on the frame

space saving 1

[themify_icon icon=”fa-heart-o” link=”http://”]Small Footprint

no power socket required 2

[themify_icon icon=”fa-heart-o” link=”http://”]No power plug required

The Synergyair Power Climber


SynergyAir was founded out of a need to produce high quality, innovative and heavy duty cardio equipment to answer the more discerning and demanding customers who want something different and results focused.

Synergy Fitness is today one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest and most successful manufacturers & distributors of commercial fitness equipment and are now taking that success to ther est of the world. The Power Tower has had over 20 years of use in high performance facilities throughout Australia.

With a contemporary and robust look and feel, the Power Climber is approachable and simple to use. We believe there is simply nothing else on the market quite like the Power Climber. It will challenge any level of fitness user and each will enoy the plush, smooth feel of its range of motion.  

Robust, Powerful and Versatile

The Power Climber can generate an unprecedented range of power through the patented integration of Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) with the extremely robust air turbine making it highly adaptable. The Power Climber has the ability to produce anything from 14 watts up towards 1 million watts – all in a smooth transition.

The CVT as highly adjustable meaning the workout can be aerobic or anerobic to build strength  with an easy turn of a gearing handle.

Strength in Warranty

The Power Tower comes with a 25 years warranty on the frame, which is a guarantee that is unheard of in the fitness industry to date.

Small Group Exercise

The SynergyAir Power Climber is perfect for either individual use or for small group exercise such as circuits, HIIT, strength, rehab, elderly classes etc. etc.

Small Footprint

The Power Tower is also very space efficient and environmentally friendly with no wall power required. It has a footprint of less than 1 square meter as well as no energy or cords required.


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