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The total body air bike that won’t let you down

SynergyAIR hit bionic cycle

SynergyAIR HIT Bionic Bike

Get something different and engage your members with the Synergy AIR HIT Bionic Bike. It’s highly durable, uniquely styled, a smooth, plush feel and delivers plenty of on demand HIT power.

‘Mediocre’ isn’t a word that fell into the vocabulary of the creators of the HIT Bionic Bike. It fits in perfectly to every type of facility, but was designed for and tested in the toughest Crossfit type facilities in Australia. We are highly confident you will not find a similar better product at the price. 

  • Weighted air displacement turbine with gearing ratio of 1:17
  • Upper limit of an amazing 4350 watts @ 150 rpm
  • Air resistance – Perfect for HIT, HIIT, circuits, cardio and strength training
  • Power up or down on a whim, and with one easy adjustment
  • Ultra smooth, plush and quiet belt drive
  • Built in sweat guard/air guard
  • Classic approachable design
  • Multiple operational modes, including:
    • Total body arm/leg cycling
    • Lower body cycling
    • Upper body chest press and row action

synergy air uk HIT Bionic Bike

Weighted Turbine

The almost ‘over engineered’ turbine is end weighted to generate momentum and cause more air displacement. Combined with it’s gearing ratio of 1:17 pushes upper limits to 4350 watts at 150rpm.

Synergyair UK HI Bionic Bike

Great Looking

The SynergyAIR HIT Bionic Bike bucks the trend in air bikes. It’s actually good looking! We believe its the most approachable and least intimidating air bike on the market right now. 

Feature Packed

The bionic bike comes with features that make it easy to own and easy to use, such as the guard that doubles as a sweat guard and a wind guard for the user. 

Synergy air uk hit bike


  • Ultra smooth and quiet belt drive
  • Total body arm/leg cycling
  • Lower body cycling
  • Upper body chest press and row action
  • Multiple training and feedback options
synergyair hit bike console
hit bike warranty

2 year parts warranty (ex wear)

space saving 1

Small Footprint

no power socket required 2

No power plug required


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