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Cable Optimised Functional Training Rigs 

Bespoke, Versatile, Efficient, Beautiful

We will cook you up the perfect solution

We will transform your gym

CableQuad is an Italian-made, cables optimised functional training rig platform. It is modular, bespoke,  versatile, efficient, and remarkably adaptive. There are installations all over the world. See here for more.

Real Time Leisure are the exclusive distributors for the UK.

CableQuad maximises the space used for cables and functional rigs, making them useable 100% of the time. This maximises the appeal to customers, with revenue-generating results.

We have a full turnkey solution from initial consultation, designing your bespoke CableQuad in 2D and 3D visualisation, financing (through our preferred partners), and installation. 

Your Cables and your Fuctional Training Rig – Solved

Imagine if your rig was more usable 100% of the time, maximising the revenue output of your gym floor. We cook up your bespoke solution with a full consultancy service, including site evaluation, drawings and a project management plan.

Every bespoke CableQuad solution can be used for an unlimited number of training needs: Cables (with all their training benefits), 1 to 1 engagement, small group engagement, large group engagement, “Cross Fit,” bodyweight training, equipment storage, a selection of bolt-ons including benches and free weights. 

CableQuad rigs are created with 4 main components called the CQA’s. Although they can be bought as single units for the gym floor, when combined with bridges, storage, and any other bolt-ons, they become the main ingredient, the  ‘uprights’ of your rig.

The Ingredients 

Cable Quad 1 Total Body Shoulder Chest press

CableQuad CQA-1

Twin-stack total body cables on one side and twin-stack chest and shoulder on the other. Both are multi-faceted and of course, come with the beautiful Italian design and quality build. Can also be bought as a single.

CableQuad CQA-2

Twin-stack cable lat pull with multiple grip options on one side and twin stack delts on the other. Can also be bought as a single.


Cable Quad 2 Lat Pulldown and Row
Cable Quad 3 Leg extension and Abdominal Crunch

CableQuad CQA-3

Twin-stack abdominal crunch cables on one side and twin-stack total leg on the other. Both are multi-faceted and can also be bought as a single.

CableQuad CQA-4

Twin-stack cable high and low row on one side with bicep and tricep on the other. Both are multi-faceted and can also be bought as a single.


Cable Quad 4 High Low Row

CableQuad CQA Fly-Arounds

Sprinkle on some Bridges, Bolt-ons and Storage…

Bake for a day with a 4 person install team and …

Gym Transformation

Into a training zone worthy of a Michelin Star

CableQuad Configuration Examples

CableQuad Base Config

The base configuration is the simplest of all of the CableQuad Rig configurations. Its also the most popular as its ticks a lot of boxes!

Using the CQA 1, 2, 3, and 4, we create a functional rig that will fit in almost any gym. The 16 weight stacks, 4 at each corner, make it approachable and usable to all members all of the time, even when not being used for small group training.


CableQuad Mid Config

This example of a mid-level configuration has CableQuad 1, 2, 3, and 4, along with 3 storage units barbells, 6 accessory trays, and 3 bolt-ons ( which are the adjustable plyometric platform, adjustable bench, and adjustable abs bench. 


CableQuad Large Config

This ‘Big Rig’ example has CableQuad 1, 2, 3, and 4, along with the dual adjustable pully and the boxing bag end units.

There are 3 dumbbell storage trays, a plate holder, 6 accessory storage trays, and a barbell rack.

The external bolt-ons are a sissy squat, an adjustable abs bench, an adjustable bench, a plyometric platform, and a chin and dips bench.

Decidedly Decadent! 

What Next?

CabelQuad is bespoke to our customers requirements. Our team includes the Italian OLICROM team. We will site visit, measure up, discuss what your facility needs, then create your bespoke solution, visualized through 2D and 3D design elements. The full consultation, design, logistics and installation solution is ready to go. 

There are installations all across the Globe. You can see here for more.

We are now launching into the UK.  We have our UK show site – 315 X-Force in Lancaster. For more see here

We WILL transform your fitness rig and functional training offering. Get in touch now.