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Manufactured in Italy, enjoyed Globally

CableQuad – Global Installations 

Cablequad is manufactured in Italy by Olicrom. It is sold globally through specifically chosen country distributors. There are bespoke installations across Europe and the world. Real Time Leisure is the privileged distributor for the United Kingdom. Our show site is in Lancaster, England – 315 X-Force. 

Why so successful?

The unique nature of the CableQuad solution means it optimises specific spaces in gyms. It makes the functional zone 100% usable, 100% of the time, maximising the area and revenue output of the gym floor. See here for more. 

CableQuad UK Show Site

CableQuad UK 315 Lancaster

Our installation at 315 in Lancaster is our current UK show site. Please contact Sean Thornton for his personal testimonial on how it has transformed his 65000 square foot fitness facility in Lancaster, England. 

315 logo

Gyms all over the world showcase CabeQuad

What Next?

CabelQuad is bespoke to our customers requirements. We will site visit, measure up, discuss what your facility needs, then create your bespoke solution, visualized through 2D and 3D design elements. The full consultation, design, logistics and installation solution is ready to go.

We WILL transform your fitness rig and functional training offering. Get in touch now. 

Transform Your Gym

We specialise in gym transformations


CableQuad Configuration Examples

CableQuad Base Config

The base configuration is the simplest of all of the CableQuad Rig configurations. Its also the most popular as its ticks a lot of boxes!

Using the CQA 1, 2, 3, and 4, we create a functional rig that will fit in almost any gym. The 16 weight stacks, 4 at each corner, make it approachable and usable to all members all of the time, even when not being used for small group training.

CableQuad Mid Config

This example of a mid-level configuration has CableQuad 1, 2, 3, and 4, along with 3 storage units barbells, 6 accessory trays, and 3 bolt-ons ( which are the adjustable plyometric platform, adjustable bench, and adjustable abs bench. 

CableQuad Large Config

This ‘Big Rig’ example has CableQuad 1, 2, 3, and 4, along with the dual adjustable pully and the boxing bag end units.

There are 3 dumbbell storage trays, a plate holder, 6 accessory storage trays, and a barbell rack.

The external bolt-ons are a sissy squat, an adjustable abs bench, an adjustable bench, a plyometric platform, and a chin and dips bench.