Train To React?

That guy has certainly trained to react!!

I saw this video – and like all their other videos – LOVED it. It reminded me of why I wanted to get involved with the Reaxing team in the first place.

I think this is how marketing in the fitness industry SHOULD be done. There’s not a bare muscle in sight and even more importantly, there’s only one tiny piece fitness equipment in it, and it’s not even used in a fitness exercise! Yet it makes it’s point in a way that makes you giggle and then want to find out more about the brand and their products. (hmmm…where’s that ‘read more’ button…?)

Now don’t get me wrong, Reaxing do have a tonne of exceptionally well made product videos. However, there is a pretty big difference between a product demo video that shows examples of how to use a product, and a marketing video that demonstrates a business philosophy.

In my humble opinion, this is symbolic of the Reaxing philosophy as a whole. They question the status quo of fitness training and approach solutions through a range of unique equipment that’s designed from a different angle with focus on whats right and what works.

Train to React is more than a training philosophy. It’s an essential component of both physical and mental human maintenance, and therefore, for life.

Let’s put it another way; do you think the human body, with all its current natural athletic abilities, successfully evolved through the ages to its current form with our ancestors running in highly predictable straight lines? erm… nope… I don’t really think so. Survival of the fittest almost literally leaps into mind – with stark relevance. 

So Yes, Train To React

Train To React is an awesome concept that historically, has often has been missed out by main-stream gyms. Now, with their unique training equipment and methods, Reaxing is here to give every gym the opportunity to engage with members in a very different, exciting, approachable way and help them achieve great results in training for LIFE.

From the outset, one of the things that attracted me to Reaxing was their overall philosophy on fitness training and on the industry as a whole. I immediately valued their values. 

Jon Johnston of Reiver Fitness first introduced me to Reaxing in 2017.  The video he avidly presented screamed out to me that these guys believed in what I believed. A belief I have held in principal since I started designing, building and fitting out gyms over 20 years ago. I’ve known Jon for about the same amount of time, and our shared values is probably why he was so excited to show me it. I believed then as I do now that the fitness industry exists to help people train for LIFE. Whether it’s playing with the kids, a favorite sport, climbing their own personal mountains (figuratively speaking), getting over physical, mental trauma, illness, or even simply being able to chase a missed bus down the street, we as an industry should be here to help. 

OK, we don’t need to know each and every members personal missions in life, but we should do our best to provide them with the best opportunity to get from their own personal A, to their B to their C, all the way to their Z, and then perhaps even help them find another A. This is loosely nick named the ‘member journey,’ but it is so much more than that.

In the main, an individuals health and well-being is one of the most important and personal concerns in their life.

I believe we as an industry must strive to embrace this understanding more so now than ever. Our industry is full of amazing people who are passionate about their vocation, have a plethora of expertise and can now train customers inventively with a huge variety of different, engaging equipment.

The video I saw from Jon told me Reaxing has the same philosophy that I have been talking about for 20 years, and did it in a 3 minute video. It was truly inspiring and a joy to watch. I knew then I had to get involved. 

If you’re interested, all the other product demo videos and the overall training zone concept can be seen here too.

We love this concept. We hope you do too. 

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